Interview like a BOSS

I've been working on such a cool Sales role, and it's turned out to be one of the most competitive roles of my career. SO MANY talented people came forward. Up against the stiffest competition Jen absolutely smashed it out of the park with her interviews, and here's why:

1. SHE WAS HERSELF. The client quickly got a sense of Jen's personality, because she didn't try to be anything other then herself. 

2. SHE DID THE WORK. Jen researched HARD. So much so, the client thought she was a SME in Science and Technology. She's not, her background is in the Arts. Or should I say she wasn't, she is now!

3. SHE WAS PASSIONATE. Jen wanted this role, and she let the employer know. This is no time to play it cool.

4. SHE MADE HERSELF AVAILABLE. Ties in with point 3 but Jen made herself available for interview. She re-arranged her other commitments and made interviewing for this role her priority. She was sick, she's a busy mum, and she runs a business, but she made it work.

5. SHE BELIEVED IN HERSELF. Jen knew she was the ideal candidate for this role. She knew she would smash the interview process.She brought confidence and did the work to back it up. 

I am so proud and inspired by Jen. Meeting and working with so many talented, passionate people is one of the biggest perks of my job. I learn so much from you guys everyday. So take a lesson from Jen and follow the above steps if you want to ACE your next interview. #interviewlikeaboss #masterclass

Image cred goes to @highheelsuicide