I like the look of that grass

I wrote my first ever blog post this week for #chattalent and the gist of it was that you need to get out of your comfort zone if you want to achieve anything exceptional. I was inspired by my own experience of leaving a really good job in order to start my own business. I want to delve into this subject further because I think it is something we can all relate to. So let’s talk about when it might be time to leave your job.

So first off, if you hate your job you should leave right now. Don’t put that shit off. Life is far too short. I meet so many people who are miserable, literally MIS-ER-ABLE at work. They’ve got a nasty-ass boss who is making their life hell, or the role is just an awful fit, or they are run ragged with little reward. If you are nodding your head, you need to get the hell out of dodge! Send me your CV right now and let’s turn this ship around.

Some of you might fall into the next group. You like your job, and you tick along quite happily. You’ve been in your role long enough that most of the time you know what you are doing. You enjoy the team. You feel you are paid quite well. But you are starting to get itchy feet. Your mate just started a new job and she has the flexibility to work from home. Her boss has a sleeve tattoo and wears flip-flops to work. She is taking on increasingly challenging projects. You start to fancy a bit of that lush green grass on the other side. You’re not actively looking, but you sometimes think you might be open to a better offer. For this group I would recommend you:

  • Write down a list of the changes you would like to see in your organisation that might make staying in your current role more appealing to you. Training opportunities, extra responsibility, more social events, flexibility to work from home, bring a dog to work day.

  • Take personal responsibility for driving some of these improvements. Go to your manager with your suggestions. The key here is delivery; this isn’t your celebrity rider. Approach your manager with a positive attitude and understand that they probably won’t be able to agree to everything. However they might agree to some, so it’s worth talking about it.

It could be that your employer is one of the growing number that realise they need to do more than ever to retain the top talent that their competitors would just love to take off their hands. Your manager was open to your suggestions, you’ve already enrolled onto the course you wanted to take, you’re clear on what you need to do to get that promotion, and you and some of your colleagues have formed a social committee. You’ve even been cuddling a puppy of a Friday. Your mate with the hipster boss doesn’t even get to cuddle puppies. Good on you for being proactive in creating the work environment that you want.

OR, maybe you’ve reached the itchy feet stage just like our friend in the example above, however for one reason or another that itch is only getting stronger. Maybe the progression opportunities aren’t there. Perhaps your manager doesn’t have the authority or the capability to implement the kind of initiatives you are looking for. You feel you have taken everything you can from this opportunity and you are not going to get any closer to your goals whilst you remain in your current role. To you I would say; it’s a candidate’s market. Update your CV and make sure your Linkedin profile is complete. Register for job alerts and meet with your Recruitment Consultant (if you are looking for a recommendation I know a really good one). Now is an excellent time to be exploring your next career move.

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