Amy Farr | Director & Recruiter


Loft, like many small businesses, was born out of a desire to do things better. I have always had lofty aspirations (sorry, I had to get that in there) and I had become a little jaded by the clunky-ness of the typical agency model. It dawned on me, after a number of years of feeling not quite satisfied with the status quo, that I can be far more nimble, creative and just honest-to-goodness myself, if I were to start my own business. So, I bring you Loft.


Based in Waitakere, West Auckland we are your experienced, passionate, service oriented recruitment consultancy. None of the faff, no clunky systems, and no posers. If you partner with Loft (and I think you should) you will deal with one recruiter - me. I will be with you from the very beginning of the process through to the end.  


To give you a little bit of background on me; I started my recruitment career in 2006 in the UK, as a specialist recruiter within the Construction sector. Many matching trouser suits later, a different hemisphere, different verticals, hundreds of successful hires and plenty of ‘learning experiences’ and I still get an absolute buzz out of what I do. I get excited, I’m interested - I ask lots of questions, and I work my socks off. I’m not cool; I feel like an utter impostor in very trendy places, but I am a little bit funny and I’m a really good recruiter

Outside of work, I have an alarming number of children and a couple of dogs. I enjoy getting away for the weekend in my housebus, exploring the outdoors with the kids, and I’m learning to Kitesurf. I’m also the most English sounding Maori you’ll ever meet.